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Clerk of Court Greg Linhares to work with Administrative Office of US Courts, District Court announces Clerk vacancy and posting

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The District Court has announced that its current Clerk of Court, Greg Linhares, has accepted a position with the Administrative Office of the United States Courts (AO) to assist them with their national Case Management Modernization program designed to replace the current CM/ECF system, beginning July 16, 2023. Greg had been working for the past year part-time on a temporary duty assignment to this program, which led the AO to bring him on full-time to the project.

The Judges of the District Court would like to thank Greg for his dedication and service to the Eastern District of Missouri for the past nine years. In his new role, Greg will assist the Judiciary in the selection and implementation of a replacement system for CM/ECF. Greg’s prior experience in the state court system with this type of implementation will be a tremendous benefit to the entire Judiciary and we wish him much success.

Greg will be assigned to the AO in Washington but continue to work from St. Louis. Greg will also assist the Court in the transition process once a new Clerk of Court is selected. 

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