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Clerk's Office

Message from the Clerk of Court:

It is my privilege to serve as the chief administrative officer of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. My responsibility is to insure that the district court uses its resources effectively in support of the administration of justice. The Office of the Clerk employs a group of talented and dedicated people who assist our judges in the management of court operations and the processing of civil and criminal cases. We are “the boiler room of the law” in the sense that we work largely behind the scenes at the courthouse to operate the “machinery” of justice. We manage records, case information, facilities, technology, and various support services so that judges can work efficiently to adjudicate cases and so the public has fair access to accurate information about court procedures and case dispositions. We take our responsibilities seriously because we understand that justice is the mission of the court, and the public has a right to expect the highest quality service we can provide.

I am always interested to receive suggestions from members of the bar and the public about how we can improve our services. Interested persons can contact me directly by phone or by email.

Gregory J. Linhares - Clerk of Court