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Interpreter Services

Parties Requiring Interpreters

Participants in court proceedings who speak only or primarily a language other than English may be eligible for a Court provided interpreter. The Court is authorized by, and limited by, The Court Interpreters Act 28 U.S.C. §§ 604(a)(14), (15), and (16) and 28 U.S.C. § 1827 and § 1828. Under this authority, the Court provides and pays for interpreters for defendants in criminal matters. Interpreters will also be provided for material witnesses for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but are paid for by that agency.

All requests for interpreters must be brought to the attention of Chambers or the Deputy Clerks supporting the Judge (their team). Once the need has been established, chambers or the Deputy Clerks will contact the Interpreter Coordinator to request the presence of an interpreter for the specified court proceedings. Depending upon the type, length and complexity of the hearing, an interpreter will be scheduled either in person, or via telephone using the Court’s Telephone Interpreting Program (TIP).

If an interpreter is needed in a civil matter, it is generally the responsibility of that participant to provide his/her own interpreter. The only exception is that the Court will provide for an interpreter under the American Disabilities Act for parties who are hearing-impaired or have communication disabilities. Again, requests for interpreters in civil matters should be made to Chambers or the Deputy Clerks supporting the Judge.

If you need the services of an interpreter for Court proceedings, and it is NOT to be paid for by the Court, the Interpreter Coordinator would be happy to assist you in finding a qualified interpreter. You may contact us at either 314-244-7874 or 314-244-7872, and we will be happy to assist you.

Interpreters - Information for Court Interpreters

If you have been contracted to work as an interpreter for a court proceeding, you should have received a confirmation letter which details the date, time and place of the proceeding, as well as payment and travel information. If you have not received the confirmation letter, usually via e-mail, please contact the Interpreter Coordinator as soon as possible at 314-244-7874 or 314-244-7872.

Travel arrangements for out of town interpreters traveling to St. Louis or Cape Girardeau for court proceedings are usually made through National Travel, the Court’s travel management program. Initial airline reservations should be made during normal business hours by calling National Travel at 1-800-445-0668. All charges made to the Courts card must be approved by designated court personnel before National Travel will create the ticket. National Travel does have contact information for court personnel for after hours or weekend emergency changes. Hotel arrangements should have been made by the Interpreter Coordinator or her team at a local hotel, who will direct bill the Courts for room and tax charges only. All other charges should be paid for by the interpreter, who can then submit qualified expenses for reimbursement from the Court. If you find yourself unexpectedly staying an extra night, please feel free to make your own hotel arrangements, asking for the government rate. You will then submit for reimbursment for this hotel on your invoice.

The Court contracts with two types of interpreters for court proceedings - Federally Certified Court Interpreters (Spanish, Haitian Creole and Navaho) and Language Skilled interpreters. If you are interested in becoming an interpreter with the Courts, please feel free to contact the Interpreter Coordinator at 314-244-7874, and she would be happy to discuss the matter with you. If you are interested in becoming a federally certified interpreter, you will find more information at the Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination Program web site at: