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Attorney Courtroom WiFi Service

We offer all attorneys free wireless internet access in all district and bankruptcy courtrooms, as well as in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) office suite, attorney lounge (7th floor), and in our judicial learning center (JLC). The service will be password protected, so if you come to court and would like access, please contact the courtroom deputy on duty and they will provide you with the password. For the password in the ADR suite, attorney lounge, or in the JLC, contact the ADR Coordinator, Betty Ann Skrien, at 314-244-7461.

In the Southeastern Division, wireless internet access will be available in all courtrooms and ADR rooms. The courtroom deputies in Cape can provide the passwords for Cape access.

Please review the documents below concerning the wifi access rules (as with all wifi agreements you consent to the rules by using the service), and to learn more about how to access the service. Note in the access agreement that this wifi service is not meant to provide streaming of evidence presentations in the courtroom, as this would potentially disable others' usage of the system. Such presentations should be handled in court the same way they are handled currently.