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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Neutrals and Forms

Neutral List - List including contact information and specialties of Certified Neutrals for the Eastern District of Missouri as approved by the Court. 

Notice of Non-Court Certified Neutral Request - This Notice must be completed and filed electronically, accompanied by a Joint Motion for Leave to Designate a Non-Court Certified Neutral. Neutral.  (In CM/ECF, a Motion event can be found under Civil - Motions and Related Filings - Motions - Leave to Designate a Non-Court Certified Neutral.) By completing this form, the applicant states that she or he has completed the requirements and has been approved as a Court-Certified Neutral with a Federal District Court other than the Eastern District of Missouri.

Pro Bono Neutral Compensation

Compliance Report

Completed Compliance Report and Email Address Form shall be submitted to the attention of Betty Ann Skrien, Executive Assistant to Clerk of Court, at or 111 South Tenth Street, Room 3.300, St. Louis, MO  63102.

Designation of Neutral

Motion and Order Concerning Appointment of Pro Bono Neutral

Neutral Application

Completed Applications shall be submitted to the attention of Betty Ann Skrien, Executive Assistant to Clerk of Court, at or 111 South Tenth Street, Room 3.300, St. Louis, MO 63102.

Qualifications for Neutral Certification

  • File an application for certification on a form provided by the Clerk for approval by the Court
  • Be admitted to practice law in the highest court of any state or the District of Columbia for at least five years
  • Be a member in good standing in each jurisdiction where admitted to practice law at the time of application
  • Have completed at least thirty-two (32) hours of approved professional training in mediation
  • Observe as a non-participant at least two mediations conducted by a mediator who has completed at least twenty-five (25) mediations and is either certified under this rule or qualified under Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17
  • Agree to serve for reduced or no compensation from a party who has qualified pursuant to 16-6.03 (C)(2) for appointment of a pro bono neutral
  • Complete four (4) hours of accredited continuing legal education in alternative dispute resolution on or before January 31 of each even numbered year beginning with an initial reporting period in 2019 for the two preceding years
  • After completing twenty-five mediations as a certified neutral, agree to be observed for two mediations each year by interested individuals who would otherwise be qualified for certification under the rules of this Court

Order of Referral

Limited Representation Appearance

Motion for Appointment of ADR Pro Bono Limited Scope Counsel

ADR Local Rules

Local Rules - ADR Local Rules can be found in section 6  under "Alternative Dispute Resolution"

ADR Procedures and Survey

Procedures for ADR Referrals - District Judges

Procedures for ADR Referrals - Magistrate Judges

ADR Participant Survey

Preparing for Mediation and Early Neutral Evaluation