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Public Notice Of Proposed Amendments To Local Rules

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Date:               December 15, 2022
Contact:         Gregory J. Linhares, Clerk of Court, 314-244-7890


The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri is issuing proposed local rules for public comment. To read them, click on the full text of the rule in the attached .pdf documents. Clean and track changes versions of the rules are available. You may contact the Clerk of Court at the number above, or via e-mail at, with any questions, comments, or proposed changes you may have.

A summary of the changes is provided below.  The proposed effective date for these changes is March 1, 2023.  Public comment is open through January 17, 2023. Comments will be considered by the Court after the public comment deadline.

Local Rule 2.02 (FRCP 3)     Forms to be Filed in Civil Cases

The Amendment reflects the new name of Disclosure Statement, formerly known as Disclosure of Organizational Interests Certificate.

Local Rule 2.09 (FRCP 7.1)     Disclosure Statement

Sets forth new disclosure requirements for all parties related to recusal and jurisdictional issues; amends disclosure threshold to 5% or more of a subject’s stock.  MOED-0001 reflects changes to LR 2.09 amendments. 

Local Rule 4.07 (FRCP 15)     Motion for Leave to Amend

New rule setting forth procedures for filing a proposed amendment to a pleading or amended pleading.

Local Rule 6.02 (FRCP 16)    Referral to Alternative Dispute Resolution and Duties of Participants; Appointment of Counsel

Modifies issues regarding disclosure and timing of attendance contests in advance of conference.

Local Rule 6.03 (FRCP 16)   Neutrals

Removes secondary requirement of neutral’s notification that referral has been concluded which is accomplished by the filing of the Compliance Report.

Local Rule 12.01(FRCP 83)  Attorney Admission

Updates electronic attorney admission procedures.

Notice of Compliance with Local Rule 12.07(A)

Although no changes were made to Local Rule 12.07(A), the Court has modified the Notice of Compliance with this Rule to be filed by defense counsel in criminal proceedings.


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