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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri is issuing proposed local rules for public comment. To read them, click on the full text of the rules in the attached .pdf documents. Clean and track changes versions of the rules are available. You may contact Clerk of Court Greg Linhares at (314) 244-7890, or via e-mail at, with any questions, comments, or proposed changes you may have.

A summary of the changes is provided below.  The proposed effective date for these changes is September 1, 2021.  Public comment is open through August 12, 2021. Comments will be considered by the Court after the public comment deadline.

Local Rule 6.02 (FRCP 16)
Referral to Alternative Dispute Resolution and Duties of Participants; Appointment of Counsel. 

This amendment permanently removes prior enumerated restrictions on ADR videoconferencing. The new language allows remote attendance at mediations in any case if approved by the Judge or mediator. All persons attending remotely must be fully present (video and sound, as directed by the mediator or judge) and engaged when attending a remote ADR session. 

Local Rule 6.03 (FRCP 16)

This amendment clarifies procedures when requesting a non-certified neutral. Persons requesting a non-certified neutral must complete the Court’s Non-Court Certified Neutral request form, in addition to a Joint Motion for Leave to Designate a Non-Court Certified Neutral. 

Technical changes were also made to remove reference to the initial reporting period of 2019 relating to neutral reporting and Clerk review.

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