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Notice Regarding Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction

Friday, September 23, 2016

Starting Thursday, September 1, 2016, the Eastern District of Missouri will implement the electronic submission of Notices Regarding Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction.  Counsel will submit the forms through CM/ECF which will generate a special e-mail to the Clerk's Office.  The Magistrate Judges will not be able to view the forms in which a party declines Magistrate Judge jurisdiction and will only have access to the Notices Regarding Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction after full consent has been received. 

*Please Note: Notice Regarding Magistrate Judge Jurisdiction in Social Security cases assigned to a District Judge and referred to a Magistrate Judge will remain the same. The special form consenting to full jurisdiction by a Magistrate Judge will still be sent to all parties by the Clerk.s Office at the onset of a Social Security case.
Detailed instructions on how to use this new program are attached. Please review the instructions before attempting to submit the forms electronically. If you have any questions regarding this new procedure, please call Lori Rife, CM/ECF Administrator, at 314-244-7810, or Katie Spurgeon, Operations Manager, at 314-244-7922.
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