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AttorneyReg - Government Application for Admission

AttorneyReg - Government Application for Admission

1.               Enter your last name. Enter your state bar number with the state abbreviation.  (For example: 123456MO)

2.               Click the “Begin Registration” button.

3.               If this is a new admission, click the “Continue” button.

4.               Complete the Admission Information.

a.                Select the state for the bar number and the admissions type.  This should be “Government”.

b.               Click “Next”

5.               Complete the Registration Information.

a.                Enter first name, middle initial or name, and generation if you have one.

b.               Look up your agency by starting to type the agency name.  If found, select it from the list.  If not found, enter the firm name by typing it in ALL CAPS.

c.                Address 1 should contain the street number and name.

d.               Address 2 should contain the Suite number.

e.                Enter the City, State and Zip Code.

f.                Enter your telephone number and fax number.

g.               Enter your primary email address.  (Secondary addresses can be entered after you have been admitted to the federal bar.

h.               Click “Next”

6.               Complete the CM/ECF Login Information

a.                Enter your username.  It must consist of the initials of your first and middle name, the first four characters of your last name and the last two digits of your birth year. (All lower-case.)  For example:  Anthony T. Moore born in 1964 would use atmoor64 as the login name. 

b.               Enter your desired password. The password must include a minimum of 8 upper & lower-case letters and include a digit or special character. (For Example:


c.                Click “Next”

7.               Review the information on the Confirm Your Application screen.

a.                If the information is not correct, click “Back” and correct the information.

b.               If the information is correct, read the terms of the registration and click the “Accept” box.

c.                Click “Submit”

8.               Review the information on the Prerequisite screen.

a.                Confirm your email by going to your email and clicking the link.  This will take you to the Prerequisite Screen.  The Confirm Email will not be checked.  You can go to this page at anytime to check the status of your application.

b.               You now need to complete the application and good standing prerequisites.  Click on the link for the application to go to the Application for Admission to the Bar form.

c.                Submit your application and letter by docketing the “Application for Admission to Bar”.  Instructions to complete the submission can be found here.

d.               Once the packet has been submitted and reviewed.  The admissions clerk will update the status of the application.

9.               You will be sent an email with your bar number, login name and a link to login to the Eastern District of Missouri’s CM/ECF system.